Kenya Service Learning Trip – July 2009

We are seeking a group of 12 to 16 volunteers primarily from Cary Academy (North Carolina) and the Potomac School (Virginia). The trip will be led by Ken Okoth, a Kenyan native who teaches high school history at Potomac School and Steve Goldberg, a history teacher at Cary Academy who has experience with bringing students to Ethiopia.  We are looking to include at least two other adults on the trip, teachers or parents at either school. This is NOT an official school trip sponsored by either school.  Click here for more information and the trip documents.

Watch the short video documentary below to get a better sense of the trip from the perspective of the students who went to Kenya in 2007.

Kenya 2008 Summary Report and Update

In the summer of 2008 (July 4th to 19th) summer, four Potomac people, teachers Ken Okoth (Upper School) and Cindy Cheadle (Lower School) as well as parents and alumnae Mittie Rooney and Merrell Cherouny who are board members of the Children of Kibera Foundation, vistied Kenya to continue the work started by the group of students and teachers from Potomac who volunteered in summer 2007 at  the Red Rose School for orphans and underprivileged children in the Kibera slums of Nairobi.

Red Rose Computer Lab

They established the new computer lab with internet access at Red Rose, took the children on a field trip, organized a teacher-training workshop with LitWorld Inc of NY, and commissioned the construction of three new classrooms at the Calvary School in Kibera. See more updated information on these projects at the Children of Kibera Foundation website!

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